FINISHING DEVICES - Automated digital finishing systems for signs and displays

Kongsberg XL 44

The digital cutting (and also routing) machine users, with the help of a complex and complete cutting toolbar, have the opportunity to be executed a qualitative shaping on the entire range of substrates, started from the easy and thin cardboard, through the heaviest triple-wave corrugated board, entirely to the plastic or tree.

The digital cutting machine can be used excellently in the field of short -and middle run production of the pre-printed sheets. The accurate cutting (shape-cutting, outline-cutting, creasing) it possible due to the laser pointer in toolhead, which ensures fast and accurate registration and a perfect cutting outline.

Kongsberg XL flatbed cutting plotters benefits, substrates shaping procedures:

  • the main benefit is the significant productivity gains due to high-powered servo system and Twin-Drive beam
  • the wide range of applicable substrates
  • the highest efficiency due to the excelent cutting speed – max. 50cm/minute
  • shape-cutting in film, compact cardboard, corrugated board, foam board, leather
  • outline-shaping in foam blocks (sponge) – 90 mm height
  • surface cutting in film
  • routing in plastic, metal, wood
  • creasing with high presure and rotating creasing wheel in corrugated board, compact board
  • start position marked with laser pointer
  • Units in use: 1 piece
Teckwin TeckRouter M-2030

Digital router for graphic applications with an extended operation list (cutting, drilling, engraving, plotting) for rigid media (forex, komatex, dibond, plexyglass, acrylic, polycarbonat, AL, MDF, wood, etc).


  • Dimensions: 2,57m x3,65m
  • Max media dimensions: 2m x3,048m
  • I-Cut by MGE cutting software with automatic positioning and cut compensation of print distortions: rotated, skewed, slanted, curved or other linear or non linear print distortion
  • Wide connectivity with most cutting software: AXYZ PANELBuilder, ToolPath, EnRoute, ArtCam, Type 3, Mastercam, ProfileLab – for media not printed
  • Max work height: 50 mm
  • Spindle power: 1 KW
  • 8.5 HP vacuum with 4 individual controllable zones
  • Units in use: 1 piece
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