PVC Flexible Reinforced Membranes
      PVC Frontlit
      PVC Backlit
      PVC Blockout single side (Banner)
      PVC Blockout double side (Banner)
      PVC Truck (Heavy)
      PVC Frontlit black back
      PVC Frontlit light
      Polypropene banner
   PVC Mesh
   Self Adhesive Film
      Self Adhesive Short-term 1-3 years white
      Self Adhesive Short term 1-3 years transparent
      Self Adhesive Short term 1-3 year opaque
      Self Adhesive Long-term 5-7 years white
      Vehicle Graphics Film
      Window Graphics Film - Perforated
      Wall Graphics Film
      Floor Graphics Film
      Sandblast Film
      Self Adhesive Metallized - gold, silver
      Self Adhesive Plotter - coloured
      Flag polyester
      Display-textile # light
      Backlit-textile # thick
      Parasols & inflatables textile
      Blueback paper
      City-light paper
      Photo paper
      Photo paper with adhesive
      Synthetic paper
      PVC compact film - white # VIKUNYL, VIKUPET
      PVC compact film - transparent # VIKUNYL, VIKUPET
      PVC Pop-Up film - white
      Poliester film - white opal # backprint
      Poliester film - transparent
      Polypropylene film - white # EVACAST
      Polypropylene film - transparent # EVACAST
   Plastic sheets
      PVC sheets expanded # Ongro, Köma, FOREX, Foamalux, VEKAPLAN-SF, VIKUPOR, SIMOPOR, Paratex, Paradur
      PCV sheets compact # Klöckner Pentaplast|Pentaprint
      Acrylic sheets - opal # ’plexi’, PLEXIGLAS, PMMA
      Acrylic sheets - transparent # ’plexi’, PLEXIGLAS, PMMA
      Polystyrene sheets compact - white # SIKO, Vikureen, Sikostyr, Iroplast, Metzoplast, FOREX Smart, HIPS
      Polystyrene sheets extruded - Stadur
      Polyester (A-PET, PET-G) sheets - white # Axpet, Vivak, Veralite
      Polyester (A-PET, PET-G) sheets - transparent # Axpet, Vivak, Veralite
      Polyester 3D sheets - lenticular
      Polypropylene sheets - Akylite|Akyplac|Akyprint, Cartonplast, VIKUPROP
      Polypropylene roll panels - Versamount
   Metallic sheets
      Aluminium composite panels # DIBOND, ALUBOND, DILITE, IBOND
      Aluminium decor panels # SIGNCOLOR
      Raw aluminium sheets
      Foam board # KAPA, Foam-X, Bienfang, Vikufoam
      Compact cardboard
      Corrugated cardboard # E, D, B, C, EB, EC, CB
       Honeycomb-structure carton board - sturdy, recyclable # Re-Board, D-Board, Falconboard, LightboardECO
   Other sheets
      Pane of glass
      Bubble (expandable) polystyrene
      Magnetic sheets
      Carpet grass
      Stone tile

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