Flatbed printing system

Main application properties for rigid substrates:

  • in sheets, in blocks, unbending, compact, solid, sharp
  • 400 dpi (display quality)
  • 720 dpi (photo quality)
  • max. 205 cm printing width
  • 3 - 5 years outdoor warranty
  • UV ink
Plastic sheets PVC sheets (boards) - Ongro, Köma, FOREX, Foamalux, VEKAPLAN-SF, VIKUPOR, SIMOPOR, Paratex, Paradur
expanded PVC board - normal - with silky matt surface, strongly foamed and rolled PVC sheets, white
thickness range: 2-19 mm
width range: 78-202 cm
lengths range: 152-305 cm

expanded PVC board - dense - glossy and sharp surface, less foamed (more dense) PVC sheets, white, colored thickness range: 1,2-19 mm
width range: 50-202 cm
length range: 100-400 cm

compact PVC board - glossy/matt surface, strongly shock-resistant, easy to process, suitable for gluing, UV proof, transparent, white
thickness range: 1-6 mm
width range: 50-150 cm
length range: 50-300 cm

Acrylic sheets (boards) – ’plexi’, PLEXIGLAS, PMMA
extruded acryl – translucent, averagely shock-resistant, hard surface, long life, suitable for outdoor use, transparent, opal
thickness range: 2-20 mm
width range: 10-205 cm
length range: 20-405 cm

Polystyrene sheets (boards) – SIKO, Vikureen, Sikostyr, Iroplast, Metzoplast, FOREX Smart
compact polystyrene – SIKO - matt/matt surface, white
thickness range: 0,5-4 mm
width range: 100, 125 and 140 cm
length range: 100-205 cm

expanded hard polystyrene - FOREX Smart – lightweight plastic board with expanded polystyrene core and massive polystyrene surfaces, very good weather standing, lightweight – stabile – sharp surfaces, moistness resistant, white
thickness range: 10 mm
width range: 122 cm
length range: 244 and 305 cm

Polyester (PET, PET-G) sheets (boards) - Axpet, Vivak, Veralite
compact PET - translucent, strongly shock-resistant, hard surface, lightweight, transparence, opal
thickness range: 2-5 mm
width range: 101, 125 and 205 cm
length range: 101-611 cm

Polypropylene sheets (boards) - Cartonplast, Akyplac
cellular (two layers walls) polypropylene sheet – one or both side treated, lightweight, rigid, low budget, chemical and waterproof, easy to clean, proper to dye cutting
thickness range: 2-10 mm
width range: 40-200 cm
length range: 40-400 cm
Standard thickness 3 mm 3,5 mm 5 mm 8 mm 10 mm
Standard weight 450 g 600 g 1200 g 1500 g 1800 g
Standard sizes 3 x 2 m 3 x 2 m 3 x 2 m 3 x 2 m 3 x 2 m
Standard color white white white white white
Metallic sheets Aluminum composite panel - Al+PE+Al – DIBOND, ALUBOND
normal composite panel - made of two pre-painted sheets of aluminum (front side coil-coated paint; back side coil-coated paint or brushed finish) with a grey color solid polyethylene core, extremely lightweight, rigid, exclusive surfaces and colors, white, silver metallic, gold metallic, brushed silver, brushed gold, mirror metallic, red, blue, green, yellow, black
thickness range: 2-4 mm
width range: 50-150 cm
length range: 50-405 cm
lighter composite panel – made of two 0,2 mm thick aluminum sheets with a light-grey polyethylene core, primarily for indoor use, white/grey, metallic silver/grey
thickness range: 2 and 3 mm
width range: 120 and150 cm
length range: 305 cm

Aluminum decor panels – SIGNCOLOR coil-coated aluminum sheet – white, blue, yellow, red, green, brilliant metallic
thickness range: 1, 1,5 and 2 mm
width range: 100, 125 and150 cm
length range: 200, 250 and 300 cm

Raw aluminum sheet
width range: 150 cm
length range: 300 cm
Cardboard Foam boards – KAPA, Foam-X, Bienfang expanded sandwich cardboard - expanded polyurethane or polystyrene hardfoam sandwich core between two white Cover-sheet layers, sharp, rigid, but at the same time lightweight, recommended for indoor use, it’s available also with self adhesive glue on one side
Thickness Board size
3 mm 1400 x 1000 mm
5 mm 1400 x 1000 mm
5 mm 3000 x 1400 mm
10 mm 1400 x 1000 mm
Accessories - U-profile, H-profile, W-profile, Metallic hook, Plastic knob

Compact cardboards
wood-board, MHS - white, 3,5mm, WP3.5.S, 71,5X101cm,1750 g/m2
EDE2.0/1040X1540.S SB – screen-printing cardboard, Excellent, white, 2,0 mm,
104,0x154,0 cm, 1100 g/m2
MCB600/70X100.S SB - Multicolor, Belvedere, white, coated, GT 2
70,0x100,0, 600 g/m2
BIK 175/SL.S SB – Wood-free, Cast-coated Bindakote, silver
Other substrates Glass panels
Polystyrene foam panels
Different metallic sheets
Fiberboards, wallboards
Heavy textiles, carpets
Block form products till 7 cm thickness
Concrete, brick, etc.
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