Advertising-mesh stretched on scaffolding (advertising cloth, mesh, facades)
Advertising-mesh stretched on carrying steel frame construction
Advertising-mesh stretched on wall with carrying steel cable
Bigboards on building (on blind wall, on other wall, on structure built on wall or roof)
Banner stretched or hanged on outdoor-indoor edifices, structures
Unipole - big size advertising board, with 1-2-3 facet(s)
Totem pole
Backlight box - with stretched PVC (backlit) cloth, enlightened from behind
Lighting box - with self adhesive film applied on translucent rigid board, enlightened from behind
Inflatable hyper-realistic spatial object
Advertising-vitreous skin on buildings - perforated, possibly normal self adhesive film on glass
Sticker on shop-window - transparent, possibly normal or perforated self adhesive film
Billboard - max. 12m2 area board, blueback paper, self adhesive film
Megaboard - bigger than 12m2 area board, blueback paper, self adhesive film
Prisma-board (prismaplus, prismavision) - columns with 3 surfaces with a periodic rotation, blueback paper, self adhesive film
City-light - white paper, PVC board
Advertising pillar (cylinder, column)
Advertising flag - standard
Vehicle wrap (public transport - urban and long-distance) - bus, tram, trolleybus, subway
Fleet wrap (vehicle graphics, car decoration) - automobile, TAXI, with self adhesive film
Fleet wrap (vehicle graphics) - box van, with self adhesive film
Fleet tarpaulins (van covers) - van with tarpaulins
Fleet graphics (vehicle graphics) - box heavy truck, with self adhesive film
Fleet graphics (vehicle graphics) - box heavy truck, flex-frame with PVC cloth
Fleet graphics (truck tarpaulins) - heavy truck with PVC cloth
In-Store (shopping place) advertising, POS, POP - flat display, 3D standee, pallet decoration, shelves decoration, shelves flag, hanging display, hanger, shelf liner, shelf tray, price label, stopper
Shop advertising and-promotion tools - Roll-up, pop-up, brochure holder, offering counter, packaging, box
Indoor poster
Floor graphics- durable, special quality self adhesive film, protected with anti-slip laminating film, designed for high-stress areas
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