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BIGPRINT HUNGARY Ltd. has launched a new business line in Budapest under the name of C[]RP[]REAL Ltd. The goals of the several hundred million forints investment, creating combined volumetric POS printing products, displays but for many kind of the industry could be offered the technology like the film industry, rapid prototyping, automobile industry, vacuum forming, concrete casting, interior design, exhibitions.

BIGPRINT entered a new, very innovative field a year ago. Owner Zoltán Zaváczki and managing director Árpád Gergely are constantly monitoring the market situation and forecasts of the printing industry and visual communication, BIGPRINT HUNGARY Kft. Was founded and develope with a definite goal. According to a series of studies, the role of visual communication will increase in the future, but the market for wide-format printing will shrink. Demand is moving from 2D to 3D. The volume of 3D applications will intesify significantly and grow over the next 10 years, and is likely to gain ground in almost every area.

Basically, 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing. So we can really talk about a new way of manufacturing that will make a big difference in most parts of the world in the long run. The only question is when. In the field of printing, this day has already come with the technology of Massivit GDP (UV-curable gel-based printing). BIGPRINT manufactures huge-scale printing products for the visual communications industry. The efficiency of 2D devices can be multiplied by 3D elements. There is a growing demand for 3D printing that can be met quickly and, where appropriate, cheaper than technologies used so far. Machine technology itself is based on the principles used in printing equipment. Thus, the use of the name, i.e. visual communication, is clearly correct.

The three founders of Massivit have a background in printing and computing. Gershon Miller, Chief Innovation Officer, marketed the products of Scitex Corporation, contributing to the repositioning of the Scitex Vision brand. Then he was sales at the HP. After that he became a co-founder of Objet Ltd, one of the founders of 3D printing, and later merged with Stratasys. Moshe Uzan VP of Strategic Projects worked with LFP Printing at Scitex Vision and then participated in the development of the HP Turbojet project. Igor Yakubov VP R&D was the head of the HP Scitex R&D Application & Color Group and then the head of the software and algorithm division of AdOM, where he focused on 3D imaging file analysis.

The BIGPRINT HUNGARY C[]RP[]REAL business unit is capable of producing volumetric POS printing products and displays combined with 3D printing. POS (Point of Sale) point of sale marketing tools can be hyperrealistic sculptures, figurines, profiles, even multi-meter objects with different surface treatments, interior and exterior lighting.

Imagine the life-size monster seen in the film in the foreground of the cinema, or a huge soft drink in front of the store, or even a bottle of shampoo, a 2-meter toy figure in a toy store, a shoe advertisement coming out of a billboard, further embodiments of our imagination. The devices made in this way are lightweight, yet have a strong, hollow structure and, due to the additive process, are made with minimal waste, even in hours.

In addition, sculptures and spatial designs that can be created with the method have practically no size limit, because objects that do not fit into the otherwise unusually large space of the 3D printheads in one go, even from several pieces, can be assembled afterwards, thus creating very large structures.

2D and 3D printing solutions can be arbitrarily combined with thermoforming, lighting and sound effects ... 3D printed POS structures can always be created based on digital designs. These can come from the customer, after consultation they can entrust us with the preparation of the plans, or they can also make scanned 3D plans of living or inanimate spatial structures, so even a perfectly realistic sculpture of a living person can be printed. C[]RP[]REAL provides a full range of services to its customers. This may include the joint design of the creative visual design, modeling, printing, post-production, delivery and placement in Hungary and anywhere in Europe. All of this is based on customer focus, state-of-the-art technology, quality and a responsible attitude. Products combined with 3D objects have five times the visual communication impact of traditional devices. In all areas, e.g. retail, events, conferences, museums, theater performances, film shootings or design concepts can all be applied.

Attached please find our brochure as a teaser that will definitely highlight cooperating possibilites. You are welcome on our website: www.corporeal.xyz

Printing size: 150x120x180 cm

The printed object can be glued to each other with the own material, this way giant-sized objects can be created

The average printing speed is 35cm/hour on Z axis (height), which means that a human-sized object is ready within 5-6 hours.

Because of the remarkable production capacity C[]RP[]REAL is able to print four real-size humanoids every 5 hours.

ultra-light but high strength, illuminated object wall

total geometry freedom

Next to pure 3D design and 3D printing we can take care of many kind of finishing methods (like painting, chroming, 3D colour foiling, etc.) Of course this involves additional costs.

environment friendly technology

Offer can be provided once the exact print ready *.stl file become available

Owing to C[]RP[]REAL’s technology can be replaced the way of processing which:

because of the labour cost


because of the difficulty of the shape


because of the finishing time

did not allow to finish the producing of the designed figure until the deadline or realize the cost-efficiency.

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Volumetric 3D printing
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